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Why Are Amateur Sex Pics Are So Popular?

In the world of porn, you can find any kind of free sex picture, porn GIF, or video you can imagine. Whatever your fetish or desire may be, there’s a sex pic or porn GIF image for it. One of the most searched for terms and categories when it comes to porn material, is amateur sex pics. People love to look at videos and porn animated gif images of amateurs. But why are amateur sex pics so popular?

In the beginning of pornography, photographers went out of their way to make sure the sex pics they took of hot women looked as professional as possible. Magazines such a Hustler and Playboy use the best photographing equipment available to render the best sex pictures and quality in those images. The higher the quality, the better a viewer got to see the sex pics of whatever hot girl’s photograph they were looking at.

But then, the amateurs began to take their own sex pictures or porn GIFS and share them with the world via the internet. Regular, every day couples all over the world took off their clothes and posed nude in front to the camera. They also performed sex with their partners while they took sex pictures of themselves or videotaped the sessions. As more and more amateur couples began to do this, the increase in amateur free sex pics on the web increased. Millions of websites soon began to cater to amateur sex pictures and GIFS of porn. What made them even more popular was the fact that these amateur sex pics were free.

As the popularity in amateur sex pictures grew, so did the opportunity for people to make money off amateur sex pics and animated porn GIFS. Many hot girls and young women began to sell sex pics of themselves to websites. They also began to perform live sex acts using a webcam. The webcam sex images were then live streamed via several porn sites. The websites charged between $2 to $14 USD a minute sometimes. And people were gladly paying for these live amateur sex shows. The public did not want professional looking porn. Instead, they wanted their sex pictures and porn GIF animated images to be amateurish. Or at least appear as if they were. Not just the GIF porn images or sex pics themselves, but the people in them.

There is a great fixation and pleasure that comes from viewing porn online. That is why more than 43% of internet users watch porn every day. The appeal for amateur sex pics has increased dramatically. Sites that cater to the amateur porn genre are all over the web. And some of the most popular pornographic webpages have an amateur category on their site.

To porn lovers and even normal people who view porn on occasion, amateur sex pictures represents reality. They see the participants in those porn GIFS images or sex pics just like regular folks. They see them as if they were their neighbors or close friends. In some cases, it actually is someone they know anyway. Amateur sex pics are the new porn in the world of pornography. The appeal has only gotten stronger thanks to many celebrities who love taking amateur sex pics of themselves. These celebs have made porn GIFS or sex tapes and uploaded them to the internet. Social media sites are a portal for celebrities to share their sex pics with their fans. The celebrities know that their porn gifs act as a magnet for attention from fans.

Case in point is the celebrity Kim Kardashian. She practically became famous overnight due to her sex tapes being leaked on the web. Millions saw the Kim Kardashian celebrity sex tape over and over again. In the video or porn GIF image, Kim got fucked really hard. The tape and sex pics from that video made her a household name. Before the sex pics or porn gifs from that tape were shared on the web, Kardashian was just another low level celebrity on a reality show.

Since then, she has become one of the most searched for celebrity when it comes to sex pics of celebrities or celebrity sex tapes. Kim is constantly taking new sex pictures in the nude and sharing them with fans. Other celebrities who watched her popularity soar, also got in on the act. They began to publish their own sex pictures and share them with fans in social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

On the other hand, there were a few celebs who had no say so on the matter of their sex pics or porn GIFS images being leaked on the web. A few celebrities had their private phones hacked and their sex pics were leaked to the internet by hackers.

This has only served to increase the thirst many have for amateur sex pictures or amateur porn GIF images. The popularity will continue to rise as even famous people want to take part in amateur porn