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Doggie Style:

Men commonly enjoy sex positions, such as “doggy style,” i.e. where the woman positions herself on her “fours” (hands and knees) and has her bottom elevated into the air. Most men enjoy this position, since it not only gives them easy access to the vagina, it also gives them the depth men desire while participating in intercourse. The woman supports her weight with the knees and hands and this is not even all that uncomfortable when all is said and done as long as the surface is not too hard.

Women on the other hand, tend to reject this sex position. While many enjoy it, some find it uncomfortable, since it causes pain in some instances, especially if the woman is shallow.

Doggy style passageway allows the male to insert the penis, accordingly entering from the back of the female. Men feel that doggy style is a privileged passageway, since it gives the male added abilities to more muscular pushing and thrusting simultaneously accomplishing a depth of penetration as mentioned earlier that men often desire. Most females however will protest or fall unsatisfied in this position, since it does not stimulate the woman’s clitoris. Some women claim that doggy style detracts from the personal relationship that most women desire.

TIP: Women: Start your sex position with you on the top, grind well and deep to achieve an orgasm or stimulation and then reposition to doggy style. This will enhance your sexual experience.

One of the common sex positions is the “69.” This is where the male or female is lying on their back, and the other party is straddled over the male/female lying on his/her back. The female for example, straddling the male is facing down with the mouth over the penis while the male is lying back with his tongue thrusting the female’s clitoris. This is oral sexuality, yet both male and females enjoy this type of intimacy, since both parties can achieve orgasms effectively. Women enjoy this because the female sex organ is highly sensitive. This is another reason that women may not prefer doggy style, i.e. because this sensitive area is not touched when a male is at the back for the most part.

Men also enjoy the missionary leg-up sex position. This position requires the woman to lie on her back while elevating the legs over the male’s shoulders. Like doggy style positions, this position also gives a male a depth of penetration that men often desire. Some women do not prefer this position, since it applies stress on the lower back and back of the legs. A very uncomfortable position if held in this pose too long. In fact, it could cause injury if done incorrectly.

On top of things:
Some women enjoy being on top of the male because it gives them control. These women prefer this sex position, since it allows them to grind deep, rubbing the clitoris against the male sex organ region more effectively. If handled correctly, it can increase pleasure and sexual gratification for a woman.

This sex position allows the woman to straddle the male and either bends forward or sits up on top of the male’s penis. The woman can lean backwards also.

TIP: Leaning forward and grinding deeper into the male organ can increase your odds of having intense orgasm women.

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The art of seduction can come in the form of luring a person into sexual engagements, particularly by employing romantic or deceptive approaches. The approaches may employ romance, tempting gestures, words, etc or persuasive methods as well as other tactics. The ones to use will depend on the person whose interest one is looking to capture.

The art of seduction works best when both parties remain honest. Deception will almost every time lead to failure later; especially if you intend to stay with the person, you are seducing. Honesty will ensure that no one is emotional hurt.

For this reason, you want to learn tips in the art of seduction to keep your catch.

Tips: Women – How to catch your man:

Women want to avoid sluttish or whorish tactics when seducing a man. The attitude you reflect will give a lasting impression that may come back to haunt you later. Commonly a male will use the art of seduction to lure in a woman, however due to modernized changes in the women’s movement more and more women are now seducing men. Of course, some women have seduced men down through the centuries, but now they are coming out of the closet to seduce a man.

Like women, men also like attention. When you give a man attention, you are letting him know that you are interested. To show him that you like him, use your body language. Keep a lid on the mouth for now. You can start with a simple small and drop your gaze, briefing looking up at him. This will let him know that you like him. If you are sitting down, cross your legs over and with one leg thrust it, moving it in an out/inward motion. Show some leg if you are wearing a dress.

Men tend to find it difficult to seduce women. While many men have succeeded, the fact is most men do not know how to approach a woman or fear rejection. It depends on the woman, but men can let a woman know that he is interested by maintaining eye contact. Body language says more than a thousand words spoken.

Men with backbone may find it easier to approach the woman and start a communication. The best approach for most women is to find something that appeals to you about her and start talking about it. For the most part, women like it when men notice things about them, such as their hair, eyes, etc.

On the other hand, some women do not like this approach. I find that a man turning in a sideward stance and looking down, arms folded and then looking up with a slight grin at the woman is attractive. In short, the eye contact could let her know right away that you are interested in her. Most women like it when a man talks to them, but believe or not fellers, some of us women prefer that you let your body language do the talking.

The art of seduction is masterful, especially when you have a chemical reaction, and a common interest. This is probably the best tip of them all.

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Sexuality is a rather general term that can be used to speak of many different behaviors. For example, when ones talks about their sexuality they can be referring to the type of partners that they look for, whether they are gay or straight, they could also be referring to sexual health or one of many other things. It is also true that too many people are not comfortable with their sexuality. Some people are homosexual or lesbian and they are afraid to tell those closest to them, and other people are simply not comfortable in sexual situations of any sort. This is a shame because we are sexual creatures and sex and sensuality is all part of being a human being.

Sexuality in terms of gay and lesbian youth

It is important for parents and teachers to be open to the discussion of sexuality in terms of gay and lesbian youth. Gay youths are up to three times more likely to commit suicide than their hetero peers. That is a significant difference that is largely attributed to societies lack of sympathy and compassion for these kids. There is not enough out there in the way of places to turn to when these children are in need of a shoulder to lean on. If parents would make it clear to their children from the start that these sorts of things did not matter and would not affect their ability to love the child, then perhaps we could put an end to problems of this nature.

Studies have shown that young men seem to understand their sexuality at a younger age than young women. While most gay men seem to have realized they were gay from a very young age, some women do not report accepting and acknowledging this fact until their late teens even early twenties. This does not meant hat the young men let on that they were gay, just that they knew inside of themselves that they were more attracted to other men rather than women.

We are into the 21st century and it is high time that we accepted out sexuality no matter what it happens to be.

Day to day sexuality

There is no question about the fact that those that have plenty of sex tend to be happier healthy individuals. This does not mean that you should go out and hook up with the first man or woman that you see, far from it. Good and healthy sex should be with those that you love and care deeply about. This is the sex that is good for you. By sharing these sexual experiences and releasing all of those healthy chemicals and endorphins in your body you can actually manage stress better and feel better about life in general. Or at least that is what some studies have shown over recent years.

I think this is great news for married couples. Now there is simply no excuse not to have sex each night, after all you take your vitamins each day to be healthier correct? So why not jump into the sack for a little old fashioned health boost too?

Being able to share yourself with someone is a powerful thing. This is true intimacy and it is not about intercourse itself, it is about showing a side of yourself to your lover that not everyone gets to see. This is what is sexy and this is what brings people closer together.

If you are uncomfortable with sexuality in this respect then there are some things that you may want to try. First of all, talk to your partner. He or she should be aware of how you are feeling, being able to open up and share your innermost feelings on sexuality and sex may help you to be more comfortable in bed as well.

If you are in the beginning stages of a relationship there is no need to rush towards sex. Take it slow and keep it all at a level that you are comfortable with. This will help you to manage any issues that you have with sexuality and sex in a way that will not interfere with your budding relationship. If you take it too fast then you could find it destroys any trust and comfort that you are working to build.

Sexual health

Staying healthy is always a top priority. It does not matter if you are gay or hetero, healthy sex is good sex. This means taking certain precautions to protect against disease and unwanted pregnancy.

Condoms are a basic necessity among sexually active individuals. You should always have plenty on hand just in case the mood strikes. It would not hurt women to have some of these handy little packets around either just in case the man forgets to bring them or stock up. Safe sex is the responsibility of all parties, this is the first rule of this aspect of sexuality. Condoms will not protect against all sexually transmitted diseases however so you do need to take other precautions.

Women may also want to look into the different forms of birth control. There are many more these days than there were even 10 years ago. Now there are monthly shots that can be taken and the old fashioned IUD is on the way back in as well. And lets not forget about spermicidal foam or jelly, they actually can work hand in hand with condoms to keep that baby at bay.

Damaged sexuality

Sexual health is not all about physical diseases and things of that nature. There is also a mental aspect of it too. If you have had sex too young and before you were ready emotionally to deal with it, this can have a serious affect on the way you develop in terms of your sexuality.

If you have been sexually abused this too can have catastrophic effects on your entire life, not just the way you look at and feel about sex and your sexuality. It is vital that you get some help. Dealing with these sorts of situations and feelings on your own is not something that you have to do. It does not matter if this abuse was suffered last week or 50 years ago, if you need someone to talk to then look for local resources that can make all of the difference. They can help you to lead a life of healthy sexuality, one that is free of shame and pain.


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